Umbrella Patents Based on 1072nm Technology Allows for Extended IP Umbrella Coverage and “Exclusivity” for Many Years


With over 45 patents in place world-wide, Virulite has developed an Umbrella coverage system for not just cold sores but all applications in it's portfolio as the mechenism of action allows for all appllications to feed off of one another for intellectual property protection.





Typically when an anchor patent is due to expire and during it’s lifetime, a number of supporting patent applications are filed. For us this meant extending to (a) other conditions / therapies and (b) combinations of either therapeutic agents or different wavelengths; whilst Always including the core technology.

This is standard practice – for example, with Pfizer’s Viagra or Astra-Zenica’s Tenormin. Whilst these are examples of therapeutic compounds the principle is the same – you seek to ink up with other therapeutics to extend patent life or develop new formulations.

We have done exactly this; By filing a tranche of mixed wavelength patent applications this can be considered as analogous to “different formulations” patent applications; by fusing with Samaritan we cover “combined formulation” patents.

In addition as 1072nm is in the form of a medical device we have the added protection layer of registered designs which is not afforded to molecules / therapeutics or compounds.