The Only FDA Cleared Device For The Treatment Of Cold Sores...

Virulite Benefits


Medically proven.

If used in the tingling stage can even abort a cold sore eruption.

Effective even once the blisters have arrived.

Halves cold sore healing time once the blisters have arrived.

Enhances local immune response.

Now with a replaceable battery, unlimited uses.

Virulite Background


It works and has been medically proven to work with no recorded side effects

Reduces cold sore healing time by half compared to aciclovir antiviral ointment

In the majority of cases only 2 treatment cycles per cold sore is required

Does not require the application of messy ointments

Uses naturally occurring light

Treats unlimited cold sores

Virulite Testimonials

"...I have been plagued with cold sores for many years and have tried every remedy known to man (or woman).

...I had 5 separate groups of cold sores in 10 days over Christmas & New Year. I am delighted to report that it works!"

E.B. Herts